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what that gon' do?! [14 Dec 2004|02:27am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

today was pretty uneventful. i took my psychology final which was fairly easy..it wouldve been alot easier if i studied more. but oh well...

shannon told me that we can sell our books and get money back for them, i want to wake up early with her and go tomorrow. but i hate how i am when i dont get enough sleep. im a hot mess in the morning...but i really do want more money..

i cant wait to go home, just thinking about it is getting me excited. i get to see my friends, the ones that are still sane, sleep in my normal full size bed with my great grandma's blankie on it. and sleep with my kitten, and use AOL, drive my car, go to quick check, eat fast food, eat real food...go to the mall, everything. aww. i miss ocean county. i wish i could bring the OC back to college with me. that would be fun. :)

im finding that i am becoming obsessed with tiffany jewelry. i really want that 175.00 bracelet...it doesnt cost that much money. lol...*hint hint* anybody? *sighs*

na-nana-na bitches...

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more money, more cash, more hoes.. [13 Dec 2004|02:43am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

lmfao..."bully teabaffed his shit!"

this weekend was funny. haha.

i have my psychology final tomorrow at 10:45 AM...did i study? not as much as i wanted to. :(

i talked to shalonda and kristin on the phone today, i miss those two...especially shalonda. shes just like me...i love her. and melvin misses me a whole lot. his punk ass, he needs to be whooped. haha

i realized how much i hate this school, and i want to transfer, but some of the people here are cool as fuck. and id be upset to leave them. and the fact that i would have to leave my dance team, and not be able to pledge and become a lilie...ill be sad. so im still doing major thinking. omg. FU SHU! :(

i talked to my mommy for a long time on the phone today. i actually miss her, until she gets on my nerves. she told me that my cat, who just got declawed was really sick. he had a fever and she had to call the vet to check on him every day. he was in there for 5 days. and he wouldnt eat or anything..i miss my pumpkin, and he can only walk a certain distance then he has to stop and rest because it hurts his paws. :(

i miss my butthead. cant wait for tuesday. :)

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outragious! [10 Dec 2004|08:19pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

i havent updated this shit in a good while. alot of stuff has changed...my life is in a whole bunch of shambles. :(

im tryin to get a dance together for the recital we have coming up...i dont know whether to pick joe budden "fire" or britney spears "boom boom" or somethin else...decisions decisions. *sighs*

before anyone asks...im not obsessed with number 20 anymore. that was a phase..

holla front!

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i changed my mind... [03 Nov 2004|11:39pm]
[ mood | happy ]

tonight was the best night i ever had in college. and the best day ever. it started off shitty, because i thought i was gonna be broke going to the game tonight. but i built up the balls to ask my parents, who kindly put money in for me. yay...

i skipped my western civilization class today, if i didnt, there would have been no way for me to get to the front of the rec center to meet the girls to go to the game. and if i didnt go to the game, i wouldve been sad all day...and not had the best day everrr! haha...

well, i went to the bank twice today, to take money out. obviously...i came back, went to the cafe grabbed a sandwich to eat, and then met the girls in front of the rec center at 4. we had problems getting the car situations settled, then we finally figured it out and were on the way. before all that happened, i was standing there eating my sandwich, and a few of the basketball players were walking into the rec center. im guessing that they had practice in there. well, just as i took the biggest bite in the entire world, my favorite, number 20 comes walkin around the corner! haha, i just stopped and looked at him with the most blank expression on my face, and with a giant piece of meat hanging out of my mouth.

anyways, once we got to the arena, the temperature dropped a good 20 degrees. it was fucking freezing. the girls warned us to wear layers, but me of course thought i could be a trooper and wore just my dance t-shirt and sweatshirt. we stood in the very back corner of continental airlines arena until the "nets lady" guided us to the front. she gave us these really HUGE and really ugly referee shirts to wear too. and other cheerleading squads were there, TCNJ and Saint Peters cheerleaders. we were the only dance team.

once we got to the front, i wasnt really feeling the fact that we had to stand there and cheer for fans that were entering the arena. i figured i pump myself up, that way i could get warm. i finally did, but could barely feel my fingers and legs. haha, so i jumped up and down when people came, and so on and so forth.

then...right before my eyes, a bently limo pulls up to where the people were being dropped off for box seats. as the car passed by, i noticed a dude slouched down in the back seat. then one or the saint peters girls that was across from me was like, "OMG THAT IS JAY-Z!" everyone just stopped and looked at first, then we all ran over to the doors to get a closer look. ill be damned if it wasnt Jay-Z too. haha, people started throwing up the rocafella dynasty sign with their hands, and some girls were yelling "JIGGA!" at him too. it was fucking amazing.

we all got back in line, i tried calling my mother to tell her about what happened, but she had been online all night, and i didnt get to tell her until i got back to the school.

after we were all done, we handed in our shirts back to the nets lady. she gave the tickets to kerry, and we stood in front of the doors for her to give them to us. as we were being given the tix, another bunch of cars rolled up, you know, the whole celebrity SUV's with the tinted windows. yeah, they stopped at the doors, and out came CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER!!! he cheered for him, and he waved back at us. Then GABRIELLE UNION came our right after him, after we realized who she was, we cheered for her, and she looked at us and smiled! aww!

we finally made it inside, our seats were horrible. we were all the way up top. worse than our seats were when we went to go see *Nsync 4 years ago. aww how i miss that day! another best day of my life! we got food, sat down, ate, watched the game. we could see shaq from where we were though. SHAQ IS A BIG MOTHER FUCKER LET ME TELL YOU. lol. the nets were losing pretty bad, so we left during 4th quarter to beat unnessesary traffic.

we got back to school, and i immediately told everyone that was in my sight. haha. i called my mom and told her too. after the excitement dwindled down a bit, i went to my friend katherines room to tell her what happened, after that, we somehow got into talking about the guys we like in this school. i told her about the infamous 20, and she was secretly telling her friend that is a basket ball player here. haha, he invited us to go hang out with him and 20!! haha, so we did, and they seem like pretty cool guys, but they talked about basketball the whole time nearly. with the occasional, "whats your major?" and "what year are you?" in there too. it makes me wanna learn more about b-ball...trust me, i will learn more if thats what it takes. haha. we then left, and here i am now...

this day couldnt be anymore perfect. now tomorrow is probably gonna be the shittiest day ever. omg. i love good days!

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not my goodies... [03 Nov 2004|12:19am]
[ mood | tired ]

aww man, i hate coughing. this shit sucks. i feel like someone put a sand belt on my esophagus. ahhh!

today was pretty smooth, since i went to bed early last night, i got up, missed psych, but i never go anyway. i went to university life, all refreshed, then to chem later on. i had dance tonight. and i found out we are performing at a pep rally on the 19th. and we are planning on having a spring recital, i wanna make up a dance, but i know it will take me forever. maybe ill do it when im bored again at home. that was fun. but anyway, about the pep rally on the 19th. i got confused because i thought madness after midnight was the pep rally, i guess i was wrong. boy, yay! i get to perform in from on NUMBER 20!!! AHHH! haha.

i really need to get my act together. im gonna fail college. i dont wanna do that.

i get to go see the nets tomorrow. they are playing miami heat. but i heard shaq was injured too. that sucks.

the same boy is giving me more attention than normal. im gonna say hi to him next time.

i really hate not having money. and when i do get money, i go overboard with spending it. now, since i went to the mall the other day. i cant go to the party on thursday. :( that means, no dancing for me, or getting tipsy plus, or getting a chance to spend time with the "potential". aww. money sucks. i wish i had more of it.

roberto? where are ya? havent talked to ya all day!! :(

im going to sleep. nyquil has done its job...once again...never fails. tomorrows gonna be a looooong day...

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no more tears... [02 Nov 2004|12:20am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i cant to vote tomorrow because my voters card is at home, and i didnt have time to fill out the application for the absentee ballot to vote here in south orange. i feel left out. i wanna vote. :(

I got a sore throat out of no where. and im coughing. i took nyquil thinking that i would go to bed early so i could get up for class, and come to find out class is cancelled. well, more sleep for me! yay!

ive been noticing that a boy that i always thought hated me is being nice now. he is casually saying things, and smiling when he sees me. hes cute though. ill give that to him. haha, but ever since after the dance-a-thon...hes been noticing me more. i guess its one of those, "damn, shes a dancer? i never wouldve known" type things. but whatever. im a dork. haha.

i think im gonna head off to bed...nyquil has taken affect. hardcore.

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what you get is what you see... [01 Nov 2004|12:51am]
[ mood | bored ]

i didnt wake up until what i thought was 4:30. no one told me that time was to go back the other night, roberto did! thanks buddy! so i was all confused because i thought there was something wrong with my computer when i saw that it was an hour slow. haha...

i didnt do much today though...i woke up and showered, by the time i was done with my shower and all dressed, it was already night time. haha...so i lounged around for a little bit, well actually all day. i tried cleaning the room. but its too much for me.

i dont have english class tomorrow morning! yay!

lol, the tallest, fastest roller coaster in the world is set to be at great adventure next spring. i cant wait. its gonna be awesome. haha, a hundred something mph...thats fuckin insanity. im so excited!

theres a halloween party tonight at the red house. i love the red house. but i didnt go. dammit.

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fuck what you saw... [31 Oct 2004|02:11am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

i will never learn. never...

everything started off great, like a normal day should...i thought i only had 10.00 left in my bank account from before, but i went to the ATM and found out that i had 60.00 in instead. so me, kellie, and shannon went to the livingston mall. i figured id go there, maybe buy a cute outfit, and a belt because i broke mine the other day...but no. i go there and end up spending a bunch of money i shouldnt have, on retarded things, such as, a belt that is too small, a aeropostale shirt, perfume, a arod jersey tee, and i think thats it. haha...im such a stupid spender. oh yeah, and i bought food. which i dont regret, being that i havent had real fast food since august.

we came back to school, and i heard there was parties tonight, so i figured id go and whatever...got a dressed up, looking at least semi-cute. haha, we went to the hockey house...and they wouldnt let us in at first, so me and shannon and kellie walked back to school to get money to get in...

me and shannon were all excited for certain reasons...other than the party itself. 2 other great potentials were there already. haha, anyways,as we were walking, we see stephan and this girl thats on dance team with me, and we asked them about it. their exact words were, "the party was hot! there were jello shots and all types of drinks!" so me and shannon were like, "hell yeah!" and we kept going...we got to this party, and still the two retarded ass boys wouldnt let us in...so we sweet talked them into it, and they let us go finally. we got inside, and it was HOT AS FUCK!!! i mean i couldnt breathe in that bitch.

at one point we were just like, "fuck it" and tried to have fun while we were there. we went to dance for a little bit, ignoring the fact that most of the dumb bitches there were OFF BEAT! haha, we wanted to drink, BUT ALL THEY HAD LEFT WAS BEER! what the fuck? thats why i dont like hockey house parties. i dont like seton hall parties at all. unless they are thrown by DMS. **shout to the whole DMS crew!** haha. and after all that, the potential left me...*sniff sniff*

as so goes my fucked up night....

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baby its you... [30 Oct 2004|04:03pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

shannon is straightening my hair as we speak. and she just burned the shit outta me! ouch muthafucka!! hahaha

i woke up at 2 this afternoon, because i didnt get to sleep until about 5- or 5:30, i cant remember. we were supposed to go to the hockey house. but i wasnt that bored, and i didnt feel like walking any place so i stayed in the room for the night. with the occasional trips to 4 south.

if anyone knows who won the south vs north game, please tell me.

im jammin to rappers delight. this is my shit.

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they dont love you like i love you... [29 Oct 2004|10:28pm]
[ mood | happy ]

aww, we did great at the dance-a-thon. it made me forget all about what was going on at home, both teams did so good. im so proud! and we got our sweats! my pants are a little long, only because im only 5'2. but everything else is all good. aww!

the people that competed were really good too, 3 people from dance team, they didnt make it into the finals, but its all gravy. they did perfect to me. there were some weird people that went up too, like the girl that almost got kicked out in the kimono dress thing. whoaaa. haha i had a lot of fun though.

im debating whether to go out or not tonight, i have a slight head ache, and im feelin a little lazy from dance. theres a party at the hockey house tonight, but me and the hockey house are cool with each other. everytime i go, its really boring. and drinking makes me really sick now, even the thought of it. so i dunno. we'll see.

oh, and tell me why the basketball team showed up hours late to the dance-a-thon? haha, most of them and not number 20?! haha

i cant take this fucking blue ribbon out my hair. grr...

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culo! [29 Oct 2004|01:20pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

blah, i went to bed at 5AM, because my roommate and a few of our friends were studying in here. when i finally got to sleep, i was awake by dominique asking if i wanted to go get food with her. by the way, this was at 12PM, i usually sleep until about 2 or 3 in the afternoon, so that was early for me. since i couldnt fall back asleep, i got up and decided to get food with dommy. i brushed my teeth and all that good stuff, and once i got back into the room my mother called. joy. she called to remind me that the biggest game of toms river was tonight, and that my little brother that goes to north went to school today wearing blue and gold. i cried.

exactly a year ago, i went to school all school spirited out. maroon and white stripes in my hair, spirit pins all over, my senior shirt. everything. aww. i miss high school so much. and she told me that the parade was tomorrow night. awwwww! i wanna go home!!! GO SOUTH!!!BEAT NORTH ASS!!! im heartbroken. </3! but anyway, once i got off the phone with my mom, i went to the cafe with dominique, she got a package in the mail that she had been waiting for. we stood there waiting for it for about 10 minutes because the girls in the mail room couldnt find it. once they did, dominique didnt want food anymore, so we left. *sigh* but it doesnt matter, i love dommy. so as of now, im on a mission to get my hair done for our performance tonight. im really nervous about it, who knows? number 20 can be there. omg omg! haha.

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[28 Oct 2004|10:56pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Omg. i have found the love of my life. hes a basketball player for seton hall. number 20. hes so cute. justin cerasoli. i have become a groupie and i dont care.

all in all, madness before midnight was fun. it expected it to be more though. i got 2 free foam fingers and a free t-shirt though. and i got to see fine boys dribbling balls, so i guess it all went pretty cool. and our band isnt all that great, maybe its our fight songs. i dunno.

OMG MAURA JUST CALLED ME!! SHES HEREE!! i miss my friends!!!

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first update.... [28 Oct 2004|05:16pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Yay! i finally got a journal again, i figured i needed one to write shit in, because college thus far is driving me crazy. its crazy though. i never thought id end up here, being that i fucked up so bad the last few months of high school. but oh well, i shouldnt complain right? i cant wait to show everyone from home! i miss you all, now you can check up on me, since i dont talk to most of you that often.

im really pissed that i cant go to the game tomorrow. i got a dance performance and shit. fuck!!! i wanna go to the game. i miss my roadies.

tonight is midnight madness...or madness before midnight, whatever you wanna call it. its a big pep rally that i guess seton hall has every year. it seems cool, afterwards i know theres gonna be mad parties...hehe.

alright, im gonna go start adding friends to the list! updates will be later!

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